Explanation of the website Rb7url

We will provide you with the most important questions and answers that are in your mind about the website (Rb7url) so you can earn money from home and earn a lot of profits from the Internet using the shortcut links.

How do I skip this CAPTCHA ?

Make a selection inside the box and that's all .
But if you see a window with multiple images, then select the required images that are listed in the title , Then press verify .Now press the button Continue

Why do I see a CAPTCHA ?

CAPTCHA is very important to verify that you are not a robot and this keeps our advertiser ads from click fraud and thus maintain the credibility of our site and helps us win the trust of advertisers and publishers.

Shorten Links and earn money

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creating short URLs and sharing the links with your family and friends.

Whats Rb7url?

Rb7url Free website helps you to shorten your links and reduce their size so that they become appropriate and share with your friends and followers on your blog, and provides you earn money and earn a suitable income by entering visitors to your short links. So, now you can make money from home, when managing and protecting your links. Register now!

How do I make money from shortcut links?

The site provides you with the easiest way to make money from short links, you only need to subscribe to the site and register an account for you and then shorten your links and share with your friends through social networking pages or by posting links shortcut in the articles of your site or blog and then earn money for visitors to the links Without any effort.

What areas can I shorten links?

Shorten links in any legal area you want, for example: Insurance , Gas / Electricity , Mortgage , Attorney , Claim , Loans , Donate , Lawyer , Conference Call , Recovery , Treatment , Credit , Software , Classes , Rehab , Trading , Hosting , Transfer , Cord Blood , Currency Trading , Oil Trading , Gold Trading , Forex ,etc. With the exception of abusive and unethical links.

How do I start work on the site?

Just sign up and login to your account and start shortening your links and sharing them with your friends via social networking sites or via e-mail or post them on your website. And start to make money.

How did I receive my earnings?

There is more than one payment method you can choose any method from them to receive your money Such as PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill, Western Union, Egyptian Post, Vodafone Cash.

When did I receive my earnings?

Subscriber profits are payable at the end of the month in the last days of each month , From 25 to 30 at the end of each month . You must make a withdrawal request before the 24th of the month , So that we can review your payment and then start sending payments to subscribers within the due date. As for withdrawal , which will be requested after 24th of the month it will be paid in the last month following.

How to work from home?

The site provides you with easy and profitable work from home, where you only need a computer, laptop or mobile phone to keep track of your work and you are in your place.

How can I track my earnings and views?

The site provides you with a complete control panel within your account, showing the number of views and visitors to your short links as well as showing full details of today's earnings, total earnings for the entire month and average profit rate within your account.